Trade License

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In the last forty years, trade license has been introduced in the country and is being regulated through municipal corporation acts by the state governments. This helps in ensuring that no one is severally affected by nuisance and health hazard of any trade or business. It has been made necessary by the government to carry out any particular business or trade in a particular area and to ensure that no one is carrying out any unethical business practices. This license creates a harmony in the society that every business is following relevant rules, guidelines and obeying the safety measures. This license was made obligatory to make sure that the government can regulate various trade activities in the country. The core objective of issuing a this is to control the locations by restricting the people from executing certain types of businesses from their home location to maintain the business environment and locality environment.

[/vc_column_text][vc_tta_tabs color=”sky” active_section=”1″][vc_tta_section title=”Type” tab_id=”1582967086184-f03e2325-7a40″][vc_column_text]There are three types of trade licenses that a company or individual can apply for based on the type of trade or business that is carried out.

Shop License

This type of license is required for those who would like to open a shop or an establishment to sell goods or services.

Industrial License

This type of license is required for a company that wants to open a small or mid-sized industrial unit.

Food Establishment License

Any establishment that plans on getting into the food and beverage industry needs this license. The license applies to restaurants, cafes, meat shops, bakeries and vegetable shops.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Benefits” tab_id=”1582967086184-54dff640-b036″][vc_column_text]

Legal Entity:

In order for a business to be considered as a legal entity it needs to have a trade license.

Manges Rules & Regulations:

As stated by the Municipal authority in which the business is located.

A Measure of Competence:

With a trade license, a business can operate in a commercial space, without fear of being shut down. This provides a display of confidence and competence, in the business and entrepreneur.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Documents” tab_id=”1582967727859-b093841f-b5ce”][vc_column_text] 

  • Form 353 duly filled
  • A letter of consent from the owner or neighbor of business property.
  • The city survey map of the business property.
  • Tax receipts
  • A blueprint of the premises, in case, if the business deals with explosives, timber, and dangerous goods.
  • Other documents that the Municipal Ward Officer may inquire, at the time of registration.

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