FSSAI License Renewal

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FSSAI License or food License is mandatory to operate any food business in India. Validity of the food license is between 1-5 years, upon expiry you have to renew the license or there is a penalty if the license is not renewed. FSSAI Renewal process can be done 120 days before the expiry date of the FSSAI Registration or License

A Registration or license granted under these Regulations shall be valid unless otherwise specified, for a period of 1 to 5 years as chosen by the Food Business Operator, from the date of issue of registration or license subject to remittance of fee applicable for the period and compliance with all conditions of license

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There are 3 types of renewal licence-

Basic FSSAI License Renewal

It is appropriate for all FBO under basic registration having turnover is less than ₹12 Lakh

State FSSAI License Renewal

The State FSSAI license renewal is available for all FBO whose Turnover is within ₹12 Lakh- ₹20 Crore. The renewal fee depends upon the sort of food business and the validity of the license.

Central FSSAI License Renewal

If the food business operator has a turnover of higher than Rs. 20 crore then they come under FSSAI Central License. Additionally, they have to receive a Central FSSAI License Renewal before the expiry of their validity.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Procedure” tab_id=”1582972561032-ab8332de-24c1″][vc_column_text]

The process to renew FSSAI license is not difficult at all and can be done in either of two ways:

Online Procedure for FSSAI Food License Renewal

The easiest and comfortable form of procedure for FSSAI Renewal is online. Comprehend the online procedure for renewing your food license. For obtaining the licence online and FBO has to follow a few steps and then will receive the licence within 30-60 days.

To do so, you require to 1st create your user id and password to register with FSSAI. Once you have an online account with the authorities, you can begin the application procedure. Upload all the necessary documents. Upon victorious submission of the application, you will be provided with an application reference number in position to keep track of the status of the application for the renewal of food license.

The user ID generated is only valid for 30 days. Hence, make sure you complete all the formalities and documentation within 30 days otherwise the ID will be disabled.

Offline FSSAI Renewal

The procedure to renew your food license can be made offline as well. There are few steps need to look over. Firstly, the FSSAI LICENCE  is renewed by filing up the form A, B and C based on the eligibility of the food business for a particular type of license i.e state, central or basic licence. Secondly, attach a self-attested declaration expected to follow with the regulations of the Foood Safety and Standards Act (FSSA). Thirdly, authority gets your application for examining it and inspects FBO’s operating bases. Fourthly, when the inspection officer is satisfied with the compliance and regulations of the FBO they will transfer the application along with the report of the inspection. And lastly, in about 60 days the authorities will issue FSSAI Renewal Licence. In ay of the case the licence is not issued in 60 days of submission then don’t worry just carry on the business activity without the renewal.

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1]Fresh concept is created that can bring improvement to your safety standards and assist you in reaching the benchmark of international organizations all thanks to FSSA act and FSSAI authority.

2]It gives you with all the laws and department control by a single access point.

3]It will give your customers some confidence seeing that your brand or business is FSSAI registered, and it will make it more comfortable for them to trust your business with the spirit of goodwill.

4]As the buyer as you believe that the food you are consuming is licenced as well as safe to consume quality food.

5]The most important part is the fssai renewal has the legal advantage the proceeding in the licence is done under the various inspects and examinations. Then only the application is forwarded for approval.

6]Moreover, the license can also make it more relaxed for you to go for business expansion, this will be for feasible for getting a state or central licence

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  • An FSSAI registration is valid for a period of 1 – 5 years. One has to apply following Form A or B of Schedule 2 for the application for renewal of registration. One can apply for the license 30 days before the expiry date.
  • In case the food business deals with meat or milk, the source of the raw material is to be considered.
  • Hotels must get the FSSAI License. Hence, they have to keep a check on renewal date for their license.
  • Non-renewal for FSSAI license ignorance would lead to a penalty.
  • The status of the FSSAI License renewal application can be verified online.

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